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Video #/Title/DescriptionLengthWatchSpanishQuiz - ENQuiz - SP
Video #/Title/DescriptionLengthWatchSpanishQuiz - ENQuiz - SP
#1: Workplace Safety and Emergency Response
An overview of safety issues for golf course maintenance employees and the essential elements of an Emergency Response Plan. Ideal as an orientation for new employees or as a periodic reminder of good safety practices.
#2: Eye Safety and Protection
This session describes the various hazards to your eyes on the golf course and safety procedures to protect your eyes. You’ll learn the best types of eye protection for different situations.
#3: Hearing Safety and Protection
Hearing loss is a serious problem for long term golf course maintenance employees. This video describes hazards to your hearing, gives detail on how loud is too loud, and talks about the correct use of ear plugs and ear muffs.
#4: Safe Mower Operation
Mowing is the most fundamental job in golf course maintenance; it can also be very dangerous. This video explains the safe start up, and operation of reel and rotary deck mowers.
#5: Back Safety and Proper Lifting
Back injuries are the nation’s number 1 workplace safety problem. In this video you’ll learn how your back works, and how proper lifting techniques can help you prevent painful back injuries.
#6: Heat Stress and Safety
Did you know 20% of heat stroke victims die? In this video you’ll learn the warning signs, symptoms, and dangers of heat related illness, and how to avoid, and treat heat stress.
#7: Fire Prevention and Safety
OSHA estimates there are between 70,000 and 80,000 workplace fires each year and most could be prevented by following good, safe, fire prevention procedures. This video covers fire prevention, and basic fire safety procedures, including how to use a fire extinguisher.
#8: Utility Vehicle Safety
There are many different types of utility vehicles used on the golf course, they are versatile and used for a wide range of tasks. They are also the fastest pieces of equipment on the golf course and therefore can be very dangerous.
#9: Sun Safety and Protection
This safety training session covers how the suns rays affect our bodies, the hazards of over exposure, and ways to protect yourself from sun damage and skin cancer.
#10: Hazard Communication
Key components of a hazard communication program, including the required training for the new Globally Harmonized System and changes to labels and Safety Data sheets.
#11: Slips, Trips and Falls
What hazards contribute to slips, trips and falls in the shop and around the golf course, and practical ways to reduce the risk of falling.
#12: Chainsaw Safety
The basics of chainsaw safety as an introduction to hands-on field training in safe chainsaw operation.
#13: Etiquette and Worker Safety
Golf etiquette for your crew will help them work safely around golfers and not interfere with play.